Monday, February 04, 2008

mind body spirit centered


Having A Foundation For Our Everyday Living In My
HEART Is my solid dwelling place. I carletta joy walker Live
As a Bright STAR among other brilliantly glowing STARS
we Create the WORLD we Live in with our Thoughts, our
Work and Ideas, having and allowing Laughter, tears,
Angers & fears.

We can make peace active and personal, share ways of replacing punishing and distrustful approaches to life differences, errors and changes with ones based on trust, mutual respect and understanding. We can manifest lasting peace inside abundant joy. We can look into the eyes of our neighbors in our homes, towns, cities, countries and world with curiosity, acceptance and integrity. There is no departure where there is no departure from loving gaze. We haven't all had this welcoming gaze so we begin where we are. We are here.

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